Mid-East Mini Conga 7-by-17-Inch

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Tunable calfskin on a solid wood shell, 7" x 17" This light colored wood is from a member of the maple family Hevea brasiliensis; commonly known as Parawood in Thailand. The rest of the world knows it as Rubberwood. Rubberwood is very durable and stable, with minimal shrinkage during aging. These characteristics along with its dense grain make it a perfect wood for the manufacture of furniture and musical instruments. Rubberwood, and the name implies is grown primarily for its sap used in the production of latex. A rubber tree will produce sap for its 26-30 years lifespan before it is cut down and new saplings planted. Only after its sap production is the lumber harvested for manufacturing. Fulfilling two uses, makes rubberwood an ecologically friendly lumber.