Bardic Productions Playing Along with MidEastern Rhythms, Volumn 2

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Playing Along w MidEastern Rhythms, V2 (Item Code: LDPA-ME2) By Talisen.

There are total of 44 tracks in all. The CD is designed for you to play along with it, these are not songs, but the basic rhythms repeated giving you a chance to practice as well as develop soloing skills. All skill levels will find this CD useful.

The rhythms that on the CD are:
Bolero, Karatchi, Serto, Slow 5, Fast 5, Moroccan 6/8, Persian 6/8, Chaka, Zaffah, Sufi, Falahi, Saudi, Laz, Sheelto, Zenkov
The songs included on the CD are: Bolero, Karatchi, Fives, Sufi, Laz, and the 6/8's

First you will name the rhythm and then speak it. Some rhythms have variations and they will be spoken as well, then the rhythm will be played for about 2 minutes. Variations of that rhythm will follow before moving on to the next rhythm. Upon completion of the above list, the rhythms into a song style environment to show you how they sound when played with other instruments.