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Middle Eastern Rhythms Series Advanced by Mary Ellen Donald

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Volumes I and II, for intermediate/advanced players. This instructional series is by Mary Ellen Donald, a well know and accomplished musician of zills, tambourine and doumbek. In this series she provides a firm rhythmical foundation that is essential for excellence in dancing, drumming, and playing of melody instruments. The series includes North African, Arabic, Turkish, and Greek rhythms for Egyptian belly dance routines, each rhythm is played for 4 1/2 to 5 minutes. In the intermediate/advanced series, Mary Ellen provides instruction on 28 rhythms with fancier variations played at energetic tempos. Booklet has musical examples for each rhythm written out for doumbek, tambourine, and cymbals; and is accompanied by two CD. Rhythms include: Baladi, Saudi, Karachi, Walking Maqsoum, Sha'bia, Kalamatiano, Sama'i and more.