Roosebeck Pro Tunable Sheesham Bodhrán Single-Bar 18-by-5-Inch

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Item #: BTPPRS185
MSRP: $171.90
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This new bodhrán model is 18" x 5 1/2" and weighs 5.5 pounds, giving it a full deep sound. The frame is made up of three layers of wood, the outside layers are sheesham and mulberry is in the middle. It has a goatskin head that has been treated, so it is extra white and it is equipped with inside tuning and a removable single cross bar. The bolt tuning is hidden on the inside of the frame and is solid brass. There is a leather trim protecting goatskin around edge of head. This model does not include cut out. Packed weight is 8 pounds and the box dimensions are 22x22x9. The enclosed product insert will give you the basics to get started. Includes a tipper and a tuning wrench. This bodhrán fits comfortably in our NC18 and BTC8 cases.