Mid-East Alexandria Doumbek Synthetic Head Hafla Scene Mother of Pearl 10.6-by-17-Inch

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This Egyptian doumbek is 11 inches in width and 17 inches in height and has a 9 inch playing surface. Its standard synthetic head is tuned with 6 tuning bolts in the collar. The aluminum shell is hand painted with a hafla scene. Male and female figures are inlayed into a background of real mother of pearl. Design two shows a solitary male figure reclining with his hookah. He is attended to by three women, while two others entertain with dance and music. Soft rose and green highlights accent the mother of pearl background, making this drum a work of art. Tuning tool, padded nylon case and extra synthetic head included. Decorations may differ from photo. All mosaic inlays are delicate. It is not uncommon for small pieces of mosaic to dislodge. This is especially true around the edges and on the collar. With a drum's curving surface, this is to be expected. Missing inlay is not considered a defect or blemish. Your drum is unique and small irregularities should just be considered birth marks.