banjira Low (Thoppi) Mridangam Head 7.25-Inch


Item #: MIRSB-725
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Low (thoppi) mridangam head.  The mridangam has two opposing heads, low (thoppi) and pitched (valanthalai). Sliver-thin reeds are inserted between the two layers of the pitched head to create a distinct, buzzed sound. A small dough paste is traditionally applied on the outside center of the bass head to achieve a low bass tone.

Item Specifications:

Item Weight:
.45 lbs.

Item Length:
9 Inches

Item Height:
1.5 Inches

Item Width:
9 Inches

UPC Code:


Shipping Specifications:

Ship Weight:
1.92 lbs.

Ship Length:
12 Inches

Ship Height:
9 Inches

Ship Width:
4 Inches