banjira Wheeled Fiberglass Case for Tabla Set


Item #: TBCF
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Premium quality black cylindrical fiberglass tabla case. Case is set on 4 wheels and features a combination lock, as well as pretty gold toned trim throughout. Excellent for storing or transporting a tabla set. Can be used on all our tabla sets, except for the bolt tuned models.

Outside Color: Black

Inside Color: Red

Outside Material: Fiberglass

Inside Material: Padded felt

Closing Mechanisms: 2 gold toned metal latches and 1 gold toned metal combination lock used to open, close and lock hinged lid over rest of case. There are also 2 adjustable straps with buckles perpendicular to each other to hold down lid.

Handling Gear: There is one fixed hard plastic handle on top and 1 hard plastic handle on side and each can be used to push/pull case.

Wheels: 4 hard plastic wheels on metal swivels you can use to pull case so you don't have to carry it.

Item Specifications:

Item Weight:
9.7 lbs.

Item Length:
12.75 Inches

Item Height:
21.5 Inches

Item Width:
12.75 Inches

UPC Code:


Shipping Specifications:

Ship Weight:
31 lbs.

Ship Length:
27 Inches

Ship Height:
16 Inches

Ship Width:
16 Inches