Remo Conga Head Tucked Nuskyn 12.5-Inch

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Remo Conga Drumhead, 12 1/2", Nuskyn

NUSKYN® sounds, feels and looks like real skin. Nuskyn is a major breakthrough in drumhead technology that may be Remo's greatest innovation yet. Frequency analysis of NUSKYN shows it closely resembles the performance of animal skin, while actually expanding the sound response spectrum dramatically.

The Nuskyn drumheads feature Remo's tucked heads technology, a process in which the film is wrapped around a steel insert ring just as animal skins are "tucked" around flesh hoops. The results? Nuskyn sounds natural, warm, and full-bodied with enhanced low and mid-range frequencies, without any lingering high pitched overtones.

Important Measurements:

Inside playing surface:

Largest outside diameter: 14.75"

Largest inside opening (inside diameter of the outside edge): 13.75"