Remo Rhythm Club Bongos 5-Inch & 6-Inch


Item #: RH-5600-00
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The Rhythm Club bongos are so cool. Place them on the floor and the kids take care of the rest. 

This set features molded feet for durability and sound projection. The Pre-tuned synthetic heads and shell are designed for years of carefree play. The larger drum produces the base beats while the smaller head rings in with the tenor beats. 

Each shell is decorated with a kaleidoscope of characters representing children from around the globe. Ask your child to find the similarities and differences in the faces and colorful cloths; a great opportunity to start your child on an appreciation of world cultures. 

The set is 5 inches tall and inches long. The base head is 6 inches in diameter and the tenor head is 5 inches in diameter. The perfect size for small hand. Ages 3+

Item Specifications:

Item Weight:
1.5 lbs.

Item Length:
12 Inches

Item Height:
7 Inches

Item Width:
6 Inches

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Shipping Specifications:

Ship Weight:
4.84 lbs.

Ship Length:
17 Inches

Ship Height:
8 Inches

Ship Width:
8 Inches