Roosebeck 6/8 Baroque Lute

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Item #: LT68L
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The Baroque Lute is characterized by its long neck and numerous courses of strings.  This model captures the classic look of the lute and includes 19 strings on its long sheesham neck.  It also features 3 sound holes with laser cut rosettes, in the center of the spruce soundboard . 

Accessories Included: Soft case and Mid-East Learning to Play the Lute (LUTB)

Tuning: We recommend using the standard classical guitar tuning for the first 6 courses: 1 (E4), 2 (B3), 3 (G3), 4 (D3), 5 (A2), 6 (E2), 7 (D2), 8 (C2), 9 (B1), 10 (A1), 11 (G1), 12 (F1), 13 (E1), 14 (D1).  The range is from D1 to E5.

Important Specifications:

     Item overall: 50" L x 7" H x 13" W
     Body/Bowl: 20" L x 7" H x 13" W
     Neck at Nut: 3.625" W 
     Nut: 2" W, made of sheesham
     Neck at Body Joint: 4.25" W 
     Body & Neck: The bowl of the body is sheesham with 
     white inlay between each stave.  The neck is also sheesham. 
     Soundboard: The spruce sound board has 3 round sound 
     holes in a triangular position.  Each sound hole has a 
     beautiful laser cut rosette.
     Frets: 8 nylon mono-filament frets and 4 sheesham frets
     (12 all together).
     Tuning Pegs: There are 19 sheesham pegs.
     Strings: 19 strings: 6 courses of 2 (except for the first course
     which is a single string) and 8 drone strings (11 +8=19). 
     Bridge: Made from sheesham. 
     Scale Length: First 6 courses of strings=26 inches;
     The last 8 drone strings=41 inches