Sardar Pro Toon Wood Dilruba with Bow in Hard Case 40-Inch

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Item #: DLBA-PS
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Dilruba, Professional Sardar w Hard Case (Item Code: DLBA-PS) This is a highly decorated professional dilruba with 5 main strings, 20 sympathetic strings and 19 frets. The dilruba is a bowed instrument with steel strings. In India, it is used in classical music. Includes hard case. Rosin for bow (VR200 D'Addario Rosin) sold separately. The locally available Toon wood is used in the manufacture of the dilruba. Scale Length of 29.5 inches (749.3 mm), 40 inches long x 8 inches wide and 6 inches deep including the bridge (1016 x 203.2 x 152.4 mm)

It is played upright in your lap with the neck leaning on the left shoulder, and played with a bow like a small bass fiddle. The soundboard is a stretched piece of goatskin similar to what is found on a sarangi and esraj. Includes case. Rosin for bow (RSNP) sold separately.