Seiko SAT50WE Stylish Chromatic Tuner with Key Transpose Function

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Item #: SAT50WE
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The Seiko Chromatic Tuner (SAT50WE) has many helpful and easy to use features that will make your tuning experience simple and fun.  The digital cent indications provide precise tuning and are easy to read on the tuner's large screen.  Its high contrast LCD display offers great visibility and its dynamic speaker makes clear, loud reference tones.  Having user friendly buttons, offers an easy and fast tuning experience and a built-in microphone for acoustic instruments is included and its key transpose mode (C, E?, F, B?) is useful for brass players.  The Ecological Design Enables long battery life and it comes with two AAA batteries and an input and output-jack.


This model also includes the following features:

Pitch shift: A4=410Hz - 450Hz
Tuning range: A0-C8
Sound generation: C4-B4