Sardar Pro Esraj with Bow and Hard Case

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Esraj, Professional Sardar with Hard Case (Item Code: ESRJ-PR) Highly decorated professional esraj with 4 main strings. 15 sympathetic strings and 19 frets. Also called the Israj, this instrument is relatively modern; originating only about two centuries ago. Includes case. Rosin for bow (RSNP) sold separately. Scale Length of 27.75 inches (704.8 mm), 38.5 inches long x 7.5 inches wide and 5 inches deep including the bridge (977.9 x 190.5 x 127 mm)

The esraj is held upright in your lap with the neck leaning on the left shoulder, and played with a bow like a small bass fiddle. The soundboard is a stretched piece of goatskin similar to what is found on a sarangi and dilruba. Includes case. Rosin for bow (RSNP) sold separately.