Roosebeck Lute-Guitar Case for the GLCZT

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Item #: GLCZTC
MSRP: $139.90
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The lute-guitar hard case for the GLCZT has a cloth interior and a faux blue-leather exterior. There are 2 combination locks and a hand grip.

The case is trapezoidal in shape, with a narrow top and wider base. The inside chamber is divided into the open Upper part with a neck support, and the boxed-in Bottom Chamber.

Over all the Inside Dimensions of the case are 37.25 inches long, 6.5 inches wide at the top and 13.25 inches wide at the base. The Inside Depth of the case is constant at 6.5 inches.

The Upper chamber is 19.5 inches long and has a bridge across the chamber to act as a neck support, which is fixed at 10 inches from the top of the case. The Bottom chamber is boxed-in with an egg- shaped opening to cradle the bowl of the instrument. The Egg-shape is 18 inches long and 10.75 inches wide.