Lourebach Panormo 6-String Zachary Taylor

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The Zachary Taylor designed Panormo Guitar is a superbly crafted 'Romantic' guitar based on the innovative works of 19th century master luthier, Louis Panormo.  This model has a pretty mother of pearl design around sound hole.

Accessories Included: Hard case (RHCPN)

Important Specifications:

Item overall: 36.75" L x 3.5" H x 11.5" W

Body/Bowl: 18" L x 3.5" H x 11.5" W

Body & Neck: The body and neck are maple

Soundboard: The sound board is spruce and has 1 round sound hole in the middle with a mother of pearl decoration around edge.

Frets: There are 19 metal frets

Tuning Pegs/Levers: There are 6 mechanical geared right angle tuning pegs/levers with a 14:1 ratio.

Strings: 6 like a classical guitar

Tuning: We recommend using the standard for classical guitar tuning: 1 (E4), 2 (B3), 3 (G3), 4 (D3), 5 (A2), 6 (E2). The range is from E2 to B5.

Nut: Made from plastic; Neck at Nut: 2" W; Nut: 2" W

Neck at Body Joint: 2.25" W

Bridge: Made from ebony. Strings at Bridge: 2.5" W

Scale Length: 23.625"

Recommend Care: It is very important that the instrument is stored in a humidity controlled environment, especially where the relative humidity is less than 50%. A Case Humidifier (Item Code OH-6) is a great way to protect your investment. It may be necessary to re-oil the fret board every few months with Lemon Oil (Item Code PW-LMN). A Pick Guard (Item Codes SS-1P-C and SS-2P-C) is not included, but, can be added for protection.