Mid-East Kanoune, Professional

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Kanoune, Professional (Item Code: KNNO) This Arabic style Kanoon is sold without a case. The bridge has 5 pads that stand on 5 skin inserts in the soundboard for a loud bright sound. Small differences in the brass levers, nuts, woods, overall size and craftsmanship make a big difference between this Professional Kanoon and the Standard model. 
There are 72 total strings. 6 courses of 2 each, bronze wound strings. 5 courses of 3 each nylon over-wound strings. And 15 course of 3 each plain nylon strings. Each course of strings has 2 to 4 brass sharpening levers that alter the pitch of individual strings by eighth or quarter-tones. Approximately 44 ¼" x 18" and weighs around 21 lbs. Made in Egypt. No Case.

Also called the Kanun, Kanun, Kanoun or Qanun the Kanoon is mentioned in 10th century Arabic writings, and is thought by some to be the predecessor of the piano.  It is a traditional element in Armenian, Greek, Arabic and Turkish music.   Today it's popular throughout North Africa, the Middle East, Turkey, and Eastern Europe. 

The Kanoune is played similarly to a lap harp, seiza-style of the floor, or in a chair.  While seated, the Kanoune balances across your knees as the strings are plucked by the thumb and three fingers, the forefinger is protected by metal finger picks.