Mid-East Kinnor Harp Tuning Pins 2 1/8-Inch 6-Pack


Item #: HKTP
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These tuning pins are designed for the Kinnor harp. They are approximately 2 1/8 inches in length. The pegs are tapered. To change your tuning pin, place the tuning wrench on the pin. Rotate the pin counterclockwise while slowly pulling out. Insert the new tuning pin and slowly rotate clockwise with the tuning wrench until you reach the desired depth. The ends of the pins should all be aligned. If necessary, wooden toothpicks make great shims.

Item Specifications:

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Shipping Specifications:

Ship Weight:
.3 lbs.

Ship Length:
6 Inches

Ship Height:
4 Inches

Ship Width:
3 Inches