Yapim Fancy Lavta with Gig Bag *Blemished

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Item #: LAUTYS-1S
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BLEMISHED: This quality instrument was hand built by master luthier Yapim. The Lavta was popular in the early 20th century among Greek and Armenian players. The lavta has a body made of solid striped wood, a guitar-like neck with tied movable nylon frets, a 'mustached' bridge and inlayed rosette. The pegbox is at a sharp angle to the neck, like the oud. The tuning pegs are violin style friction pegs. The Lavta is sometimes called a Laouta (ending in a) but not a Laouto (ending in o) which is a different instrument. The Lavta is more of a melody instrument which has a much lower tension on it than a true Laouto. It is played, like and oud, with a long thin plectrum.

Accessories Included: Soft Case Lightly Padded 
Important Specifications:

Item Dimensions: 34.25" L x 6.5" H x 12" W

Body/Bowl: 17.5" L x 6.5" H x 12" W

Body & Neck: Laminated wood with dye-infused red and brown stripes

Soundboard: Spruce with 1 sound hole that has a carved rosette cover. Features a black pick guard to help prevent scratching sound board.

Tuning: Comes set up for C-G-D-A tuning. 

Tuning Pegs/Levers: There are 7 wooden pegs and 4 courses of strings

Strings: There are 7 strings in 3 courses of 2 and 1 single bass string. The first course has 2 monofilament strings and the rest are wounded.

Frets: 27 nylon frets

Nut: Maple; Neck at Nut: 1.375" W; Nut: 1.4" W

Neck at Body Joint: 2" W

Bridge: Painted wood. Strings at Bridge: 2.375" W

Scale Length: 26.75"