Mid-East Deluxe Egyptian Oud Walnut & Padouk with Gig Bag

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Item #: OUDE106
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Egyptian oud with classic tear drop shape and bowl bottom. The oud is one of the most popular instruments in Arabic music and known for producing a powerful, resonating sound. This model features a stunning simulated mother of pearl geometric pattern around edge of 3 sound holes and a walnut and padouk wooden body and neck with a beautiful shiny finish.

Please note: The decorations can vary from those photographed. 

Accessories Included: Nylon gig bag and pick

Important Specifications:

Item overall: 33" L x 8" H x 14.25" W

Body/Bowl: 20" L x 8" H x 14.25" W

Body & Neck: Made of walnut and padouk wood with a beautiful shiny finish.

Soundboard: The sound board is spruce and has 3 oval shaped sound holes with a simulated mother of pearl geometric pattern around edge. Includes a sheesham pick guard at bottom to help prevent scratching the sound board.

Tuning: There are 2 strings per course, each tuned to the same pitch. We recommend using the Arabic method of tuning: DGADGC (D2,G2,A2,D3,G3,C4). The range is from D2 to C5.

Tuning Pegs/Levers: There are 12 ebony pegs and 6 courses of strings, however, the maker of this oud only installs 11 strings. It is very popular in Cairo to play with only 11 strings; only one on the bass or 6th course.

Nut: Made from bone. Neck at Nut: 1.5" W; Nut: 1.5" W

Neck at Body Joint:
2.5" W

Bridge: Made from sheesham. Strings at Bridge: 3.25" W

Scale Length: 24.25"