Seiko SAT101B Guitar and Bass Tuner Also Great for Harp

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Item #: SAT101B
MSRP: $27.99
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Guitar / Bass Tuner with sound reference and digital cent Indication. Offers supremely accurate tuning.

Product Description:
Large clear LCD display and intuitive layout for easy operation.

Item Dimensions: 4" L 2.5" W .029" H

Tuning Range:

7B, 6E, 5A, 4D, 3G, 2B, 1E; Bass: LowB, 4E, 3A, 2D, 1G, HiC

Sound Generation:

7B. 6E, 5A, 4D, 3G, 2B, 1E (1 Octave Higher)

Bass: LowB, 4E, 3A, 2D, 1G, HiC (2 Octave Higher)

Pitch Shift: A4=435~446Hz (1Hz Step)

Line-in: Line-out

Accessories Included: Batteries and instructional manual included;
STM20 clip-style pick-up microphone attachable as an option