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Soho Pre-Amp CT-4

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Item #: CT-4
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Our CT-4 Soho Four Band Equalizer really knows how to pump up the volume! Although made for an oud, this equalizer can be used on many different acoustic instruments by simply installing the unit in the body of instrument and placing the pickup under the saddle on the bridge. It produces a full, amplified sound and comes with one input for its 70 mm pickup and one output for its 1/4" female jack. The Equalizer will also work with our following pickups: PU-3SV, PU-6A, PU-7S, PU-5U. You also have the ability to adjust the presence, treble, middle, volume and bass when using. The "Treble" slide is for controlling the higher frequencies, the "Bass" is for the lowest frequencies and the "Middle" is for controlling the middle range. The low battery LED will notify you when the required 9 volt battery, included with equalizer, needs to be changed. 

Please note: The presence (listed as "pres" on e
qualizeradds more of an openness to a musician's sound by boosting upper frequencies, making the sound clearer. You will also find this feature on many guitar amplifiers.