Roosebeck Soprano Psaltery Right-Handed

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The Bowed Psaltery is a very beautiful melody instrument and also a very easy instrument to play. The notes on a psaltery are similar to those on a piano. The natural notes, or white keys, are on one side and the sharps and flats, or black keys, are on the other. Each string plays one note. The Right-Handed Psaltery has the natural notes (white keys on the piano) on the right side, and the accidental notes (black keys on the piano) are on the left side. You hold the right-handed Psaltery in the left hand and bow with the dominate right hand. You can actually play any Psaltery with two bows, one in the left hand and one in the right. Each bow playing one side of the instrument, or leapfrogging up one side of the instrument. If you are talented and have a stand that holds the psaltery for you. Using the psaltery bow, move across each string to play that particular note. The sound is beautiful, clear, and almost ethereal. This right-handed psaltery has 22 strings and a spruce soundboard with sheesham back and sides. The single sound hole features an intricately carved sheesham rosette. It also comes with a psaltery bow, tuning tool and rosin.

Tuning: C5 - A6
Longest string length: 13"
Overall dimensions: 5.3" in width by 15" in length