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Roosebeck Dulcinet Lacewood Heart Openings and Scrolled Pegbox

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The Dulcinet is a very unique instrument. It is about the size of a tenor ukulele so it is small and light, easy to hold and carry around. It is strung like a dulcimer, but backwards. It has one wound string, and two other courses of lighter gauge steel strings, the bottom course is two strings tuned in unison. There are 19 chromatic frets. The scale length is roughly 430mm or 17". It can be tuned in different ways, but the sweet spot seems to be G3 D4 G4 G4.

The soundboard is spruce, the neck is mahogany, the fret board is sheesham, and the bridge is ebony. The back and sides are available in sheesham or lacewood. The head stock features a carved wooden scroll and four banjo tuners.

It is a fun instrument, great for finger picking, and an exciting vehicle for musical exploration. Musicians are sending us some great stories about the techniques and styles they are creating with this amazing instrument. If you are looking for something new and fun, this is it.