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Roosebeck European Mountain Dulcimer 5-String Scheitholt-Style

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This European Mountain Dulcimer is a folksy musical instrument in the zither family and is also known as a Scheitholt. The German immigrants of the mid-1700's brought the Scheitholt to Pennsylvania and other parts of Colonial America. 

This dulcimer has 5 strings; two strings run over the frets and are noted, while the other three strings are drones.  The frame is sheesham and the soundboard is birch.  There are two sound-holes on the front and one on the back.  It is played like the American Mountain Dulcimer.  

It includes a pick and noter.

Measures 34" long x 5" wide and 2" high (863.6 x 127 x 50.8 mm). 

Suggested tuning:

  • D4 Melody pair
  • A3 Drone pair
  • D3 Drone single