G. Rosul Pro Compact Tanpura Solid Toon Wood 4-String

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Item #: TMCN
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Compact 4-string wooden box style tanpura made of toon wood. A popular portable tanpura. 

The tanpura is a drone instrument that can resemble the sitar depending on style. Each string can only play one note at a time.

Accessories Included: Nylon soft case 

Important Specifications:

Item overall: 34" L x 3.5" H x 5" W 

Body: The body is made out of tune wood (red cedar).

Soundboard: The sound board is made out of tune wood (red cedar).

Sound holes: Includes 1 circular sound hole close to the bridge.

Strings: There are 4 strings that are bronze on steel and are metal wound, producing a rich tone. The strings act as drones and the diameter of each string is (left to right): .047" w, .023 w, .023" w, .026" w. Each string has a ball end and is 36" long.

Tuning Pegs/Levers: There are 4 mechanical geared right angle tuning pegs/levers with a 1:11 ratio.

Nut: Made from tune wood. Neck at Nut: 3.5" W; Nut: 3.5" W

Bridge: Made from hard wood and natural bone; Strings at Bridge: 2" W

Scale Length: 26"