Roosebeck Tenor Uke Titanium 6-String Set


Item #: RBSUKTT6
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The Roosebeck Tenor Uke Titanium String Set contains 6 titanium strings with straight ends. Titanium strings have a translucent purple hue, and a polished, smooth feel similar to nylon, but hey have a slightly brighter tone and increased projection. The G string is lighter gauge to allow for reentrant tuning. This string set is perfect for the Lute-kulele six string uke. Please see the lute-kulele models this string set will fit below under related items.

Item Specifications:

UPC Code:

United States

Shipping Specifications:

Ship Weight:
.3 lbs.

Ship Length:
6 Inches

Ship Height:
4 Inches

Ship Width:
3 Inches