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banjira Sur Bahar

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60" long bass sitar made in Lucknow, India. Double toomba, 7 main strings, fully carved. 
Decorations and colors will vary. These are all individually made and will be unique.

Includes padded nylon gig-bag.

Special deliver, must have address and phone number for truck delivery. 

Tuning for the Sur Bahar:
1st string D #, Steel, gauge 0.0148"
2 nd string Bb or B, Brass or Copper, gauge 0.017"
3 rd string F, Brass or Copper, gauge 0.022"
4 th string Bb, Brass or Copper, gauge 0.028"
5 th string F, Steel, gauge 0.0148"
6th string Bb, Steel, gauge 0.0108"
7 th string Bb, Steel, gauge 0.0108"

Taraf strings:
Tuned Chromatically, Steel, gauge 0.009"