Introduction to Harmonium DVD by S D & A Batish

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The Harmonium has become a very popular instrument in Indian and non-Indian music. It is used to accompany singers, as a solo instrument in performances, and for meditational accompaniment. Pandit Shiv Dayal Batish is a master of all these styles. He, along with Ashwin Batish, demonstrate the basics and provide many examples that will instruct the student in the proper technique. This tutor contains: Raga Bheempalasi alaap ; Harmonium design and care; Sitting position / Left and Right hand positions; North Indian Sargam explained; Notes of Bilaval Thaat; The 12 notes of the octave and their Sargam; Bilaval Thaat fingering from various keys; Basic exercises; A Solo performance; and a Performance as accompaniment for singing. This is a Must Have for anyone starting out on the harmonium. Duration 55 minutes. DVD*