Bina model 23B Deluxe Coupler Harmonium - Yellow *Blemished

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Item #: 23BDCY-1
MSRP: $719.00
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BLEMISHED: This traveler model harmonium only weighs 22.55 lbs. and comes with a coupler. The top of case can fold over to close it. The keyboard pops up for playing and can be easily placed in locked-down position for storage and travel. When closed, the height of harmonium is 8 inches and when open with the keyboard popped up, the height is 13.5 inches.  

Harmoniums are mainly used as an accompaniment to devotional songs. As with many Indian instruments, the key for the music is selected to best suit the vocals or to set a mood. Although it was invented in France nearly 200 years ago, the harmonium has been extremely popular and strongly embraced by India after it was brought there during the British Occupation.

Important Specifications:

Accessories Included: Padded gig bag 

Item Dimensions: OPEN: 23.5" (L) X 13.5" (H) X 13.5" (W); CLOSED: 23.5" (L) X 8" (H) X 13.5" (W) 

Bellows: 6 folds that open on the sides

Body: Yellow stained pine wood

Keys: 42 keys (17 black and 25 white)

Features: Traveler model with coupler

Knobs: 9 (4 drones and 5 air controls)

Drones: Left to right: knob #2=C#, knob # 4=E flat, knob # 6=G#, knob #8=B flat

Air Controls: 5 (Left to Right: knob #1 and #9 controls the male reeds, knob #3 and #5 control the bass reeds and knob #7 controls the vibrato reeds.)

Number of Octaves: 3.5

Tuned To: A=440 Hz (+-5 cents) Pitch can vary significantly with changes in temperature, pumping pressure, and number of keys played simultaneously.

Front Reed Bank: 3C to 6F (Male Voice)

Back Reed Bank: 2C to 5F (Bass Voice)

Please Note: Some of the finishes are very impressionable, no pun intended. During the long transportation from India, the finish may become marred by the packing materials. These impressions are superficial and cosmetic. Impressions on the finish do not affect the playability or sound. Therefore we do not consider such impressions as blemishes or defects.