Roosebeck Sheesham Irish Flute with Key Traditional Irish Tuning *Blemished

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BLEMISHED: This flute is in the key of D.  It is tuned to the traditional Irish scale, the F# is flat, the A is sharp, the C# is flat, and the bottom D is also quite flat. We designate this tuning as "Traditional" tuning.  If you're looking for a flute with standard tuning, please look for flutes labeled "Standard" tuning.

Beautiful sheesham flute with key which allows the most distal note to be played. The key will raise the three highest notes (lower holes) from a natural note to the sharp (one half-step). The upper two sections have a brass slide for additional tuning. The center section slides into the top and bottom sections and has cork wrapped ends for a secure fit.  It assembles in four parts and includes in a case.  Assembled flute is 23.5 inches closed; slide opens the flute to a 26.25 inch length.