Roosebeck Satinwood Native American Style Flute

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Native American Style Flute, Satinwood ( Item Code: NAFLC) This Native American Style flute is composed of two parts; the pipe body and the bird or saddle block. Flow is controlled by sliding the bird over the top opening. You may make a minor adjustment in pitch by moving the bird forward (sharpening pitch) or backward (flattening pitch). Make sure not to close off the opening completely. The Color of the wood varies, a lovely sounding instrument. Tuned to F.

This measurement is based on the mid point of the holes.

Starting from the first hole a the top see below:

from hole

1-2 - 7/8"

2-3 - 15/16"

3-4 - 1 9/32"

4-5 - 15/16"

5-6 - 15/16"

From the center of the top hole to the bottom of the flute it measures 10 5/8"