banjira Dulcitina - Brown *Blemished

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Blemished: The Unique design of the Dulcetina harmonium allows it to be hung about your neck; so you can play in a standing position. It's weight is just under 10 lbs.   They do not come with strap or case.
It has a 2 1/2 octave range (2C-5G) with no drones.  The two reed banks, bass and male, share one air chamber; so both banks play at the same time.  The reeds are tuned to 440 +/- 3 cents prior to shipping. 
The two-fold bellows can be played right or left handed and provides a sustain of over five seconds with the lower notes. 
They do not come with strap or case.

Item Dimensions in inches: 16.7L x 12W x 9.2H

DISCLAIMER: Instrument's finish color and decor may vary from photo. Shellac is very impressionable (no pun intended) and during the instrument's long transportation from India, the shellac finish becomes marred by the packing materials and may cause the sides of harmoniums to have impressions. These impressions are cosmetic and do not affect the playability or sound, so we do not consider such impressions as blemishes or defects.


Scratch & Dent


Our product codes ending in "-1(S)" or "-2(S)" are blemished. These products are new and unused with superficial blemishes that may include, blisters in the finish, scratches, dents, stains, discoloration, rust or pitting on metals, imperfect glazes, non-structural repairs such as putty in nail holes, or other surface marks. A "-1(S)" product has minor blemishes and a "-2(S)" product has moderate blemishes and/or minor repairs. The irregularity does not affect the playability or sound quality of the instrument.

Product codes ending in "-3(S)" and "-4(S)" are also new and unused, but came to us needing repairs. If it's a "-3(S)," the product has been repaired, but if it's a "-4(S)," it will still require significant repairs when received by the customer.

Our product codes ending in "PROP" are unable to be played and are for display purposes only.

Please note: For safety during shipping, we don't tune our string instruments before sending to customers.

Item Specifications

Item Weight: 9.7 lbs.
Item Weight with Case: 10.7 lbs.
Item Length: 16.75 Inches
Item Height: 9.25 Inches
Item Width: 12 Inches
Origin: IN
UPC: 844731056185

Shipping Specifications

Packed Weight: 14.6 lbs.
Ship Weight: 17 lbs.
Ship Length: 24 Inches
Ship Height: 14 Inches
Ship Width: 14 Inches

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